e-commerce designed for the event experience

Preo is a web-based, white-label commerce platform bringing actionable tools, functionalities for event organisers to make more revenue on their attendees
Increase revenue on your fans between ticket purchase and event dates
We're offering much more ways to increase your revenue than the classic ticket platforms and e-commerce services
The classic one-time purchase. Buy, pay and collect onsite during your event.

Offer rentals to support sustainable vendors not focusing on the single-use products. Deposits are payed back after use.

Place an order in the festival app and receive a text message when your order is ready to be picked up. No more standing in lines
Multi-use services
Sell a number of services
or products that guests can redeem over the course of your event.

Preo is used by event organisers across the world
We're proud to have worked with a worldclass group of customers and integrations parters. And we're constantly adding new to the list
What are the benefits of using Preo at your event?
  • Grow your sales like never before!

    Integrate Preo with your existing marketing toolbox and sell everything from a digital platform that you can customize per your needs. Boost in sales is guaranteed!
  • Transform the onsite customer experience!
    Take your customers’ onsite event experience to the next level by letting them store and manage products from a central wallet. No hassle or confusion whatsoever.
  • Make your event more sustainable!
    Play your part in environmental safety by selling your products on rental or service models. With Preo, going green has never been easier.
  • Make informed decisions that hit the mark!
    Get a deep understanding of your sales progress through powerful reports and choose what works. Pre, current, post –every event phase is covered!
  • Give your sponsors the spotlight they need!
    Showcase brands where it truly matters and attract more customers with exclusive deals, discounts, and sponsored products.
  • Turn casual guests into loyal customers!
    Integrate Preo with your CRM to evaluate guests’ behavior and then tap into actionable insights to turn them into online customers.
Why Choose Preo
Preo isn’t your average mobile pre-ordering tool. It’s a revolutionary platform combining innovative functionalities, ease of use, and flexibility to make your sales management woes a thing of the past.
  • Integrated with the onsite experience

    Preo works perfectly with onsite operations, allowing you to sell your event products online and grow sales.

  • White Label Customization

    You can rebrand the look and feel per your event’s preferences to make it look like your product

  • Sustainable Selling Models

    Sell products on a single-use, multi-use, or rental basis and play your part in making this world a healthier place to live in.

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