How Preo helped Roskilde Festival increase sustainability efforts by supporting rentals and deposits in online commerce
Every festival organiser knows the pain point of cleaning up the festival site after a great event. Guests are leaving behind tons of waste behind at festivals for no reason. Any festival these days is looking into new ways to reduce waste.

Roskilde Festival is no different, and in 2022 they decided to take a new approach and offered new rental solutions to their guests. Preo supported the festival with an online sales platform to handle transactions and deposits and make sure the process was seamless for the guests and the organisers - before, during and after the event.

Check in and out without any

hardware onsite

The onsite check-in and check-out procedure were handled with Preo’s hardware free approach, where users scanned a QR code with the phone once they arrived onsite and were ready to pick up their stuff. The scanning was handled directly from the Roskilde Festival event app and the festival did not have to worry about any expensive hardware or requiring training for the staff.

Roskilde Festival wanted to give their audience new ways to reduce single use waste from camping equipment and decided to offer their audience a new rental solution focusing on tents, mattresses and pavilions, which are typically the worst sinners at the festival.

Handling deposits has never been easier
To handle the online transaction and deposits Roskilde Festival used the Preo platform which is one of the only white label online commerce solutions that can take care of the deposit handling in the market. Guests were asked to pay the service price and a deposit on top, which would be returned back to the guest after the use of the equipment. On top of renting equipment the audience could also buy cold beers, mobile charging and locker-services directly from the Preo white label shop.
When guests arrived at the festival, they could scan a QR code to get their rental equipment. When the equipment was returned guests would get the equipment checked and scan a return QR code, that would transfer back the deposit. Simple!
End result
The end result was amazing. More than 10.000 guests used the rental solutions offered and the festival are now looking into new ways to increase the rental program.

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