Zzz is the first circular festival mattress powered by Preo @ Lowlands Festival
Zzz Land® is building the sustainable festival campsite. Preo enables our vision on circular product streams with exceptional customer experiences. We’re excited to now expand together to more festivals and countries.
Founder of Oomph Industries and Inventor of ZZZ
Sam Ninaber van Eijben
Lowlands Festival
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In 2020, Oomph introduced ZZZ as an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of festival attendees. ZZZ is a single-use mattress designed to be recyclable after its use, representing a groundbreaking shift in festival camping sustainability. Oomph's focus is not solely on the number of ZZZ mattress units sold but on the weight of PVC that can be spared from becoming waste.
Every year, approximately 10 million people camp at festivals, and a significant portion of their camping gear, around 20 to 25%, is left behind, contributing to a substantial amount of non-recyclable PVC waste. Oomph, a Dutch company, has undertaken a mission to address this issue.
The ultimate goal is to prevent approximately one thousand tonnes of PVC from ending up in landfills or incineration each year.
This endeavor paves the way for a future in which single-use PVC mattresses become obsolete in the festival scene, contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable festival experience.
Preo and ZZZ at Lowland Festival
This is how Preo helps ZZZ not losing sleep
The customer initiates a mattress pre-order through Preo's online store.
Pre-order online
Upon the return of a mattress, a ZZZ employee scans the QR code, marking the order as complete, and Preo's platform automatically refunds the deposit to the customer's account.
The ZZZ team proceeds to inflate the pre-ordered mattresses, with each one featuring a unique QR code generated through Preo's platform.
Prepare order
Upon arrival at the collection kiosk, a ZZZ employee utilizes Preo's scanner application to associate the mattress's QR code with the respective pre-order.
ZZZ... at the festival
The customer initiates a mattress pre-order through Preo's online store.
At the end of the event, the ZZZ team accesses sales reports and mattress inventory data through Preo's Management Tools.
Wrap up