and rent your chair with ConCHAIRto
The Preo team displayed excellent proficiency in setting up the ConCHAIRto service within their platform. Utilizing Preo's comprehensive suite of tools, both online and on-site, proved highly efficient and significantly contributed to our revenue growth.
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Brett Smiley
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With a straightforward online ordering system powered by Preo, festival-goers can effortlessly reserve their chairs and leave behind the hassle of carrying them to an event. ConCHAIRto ensures that your chair is ready and waiting for you at the festival, eliminating the need for cumbersome packing and making it easier to breeze through security checks, allowing you to dive into the festivities without delay.
Additionally, their priority reservation option not only saves attendees money but also guarantees their preferred chair, enhancing their overall festival experience.
US festivals
ConCHAIRto, the revolutionary solution for reserving camping chairs at outdoor festivals, has transformed the way festival attendees enjoy their event experience. In this case study, we delve into how ConCHAIRto simplifies the process of securing, using, and leaving behind camping chairs, making festival participation smoother and more enjoyable.
When the music stops and festival-goers are ready to head home, they can simply leave their ConCHAIRto chair at one of the strategically placed drop zones, where the ConCHAIRto team takes care of the rest. This case study offers insights into the positive impact of ConCHAIRto on the festival experience, illustrating the company's dedication to simplifying outdoor events and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Your chair waiting for you at the festival

Preo and ConCHAIRto at US festivals
This is how Preo helps ConCHAIRto
Customer pre-orders a chair for a duration of one day, or multiple days. Pre-ordering is made possible thanks to Preo’s storefront integration into ConCHAIRto’s website
Pre-order online
Customers can either return the chair onsite or leave it at the entrances of the event. ConCHAIRto staff picks up the chairs and secures a clean festival site.
At the end of the event, the ConCHAIRto team accesses sales reports and chair inventory from Preo’s CMS
Wrap up
ConCHAIRto staff uses Preo’s scanner app to scan customers QR codes saved to their Apple and Google Wallet.
At the collection kiosk