Revolutionizing the way event commerce works.
Online store - for your customers and event attendees
Create a custom online store with a uniquewith unique identity and sell products to a wider audience during your onsite events. Our platform offers plenty of useful features to enhance your brand exposure which ultimately results in more sales.
Sell a variety of products
Earn more profits and grow successfully by selling the items at your physical events, online. We support a wide range of products that a traditional e-commerce platform can’t handle, such as rentals, camping packages, bus tickets, food, drinks, and more.
Gain greater control by integrating it with your existing marketing platforms
Manage your online and onsite operations in a synchronized way! Preo quickly integrates with your event app to create a unified environment that streamlines your sales process while offering added flexibility and control to the event organizers.
Focus on the customer experience
Create a positive customer experience with Preo wallet, which is quick, secure, and simplifies the overall buying process. It brings several payment features under one platform to offer users maximum ease for payments. As a result, you will see an instant boost in sales.
Offer a range of pickup methods
Deliver products to customers through their preferred method! Our platform comes with several pickup options that can be customized per the product type and customer preferences, ensuring a secure transit to boost your client satisfaction score. Best thing?

You don't have to add additional hardware onsite.
Content Management System for the event organizer

Managing your sales inventory has never been easier!

Control, manage, and structure your customer-facing products with our feature-rich Content Management System. It is a scalable solution for events of all types and sizes, helping you generate more revenue.

Know customer behavior through advanced analytics
Access critical data before, during, and after an event to make informed decisions. Our Content Management System features an intelligent reporting dashboard that visualizes key analytics. This allows you to better understand customer behavior which ultimately improves your service quality.
Add marketing tools for better results
Build a seamless digital experience by integrating your marketing tools with our CMS. It works with a wide range of applications to support your evolving business requirements without ever needing to replace the application. This means more profits and less outlay.
Get maximum convenience at your fingertips
Save time and resources with our advanced CMS and focus on your business growth. Our application allows you to manage products, vendors, and sales channels in one place to conveniently perform the required operations without needing extra resources.
Vendor app for the merchants and staff onsite

Preo provides the operational tools that powers the fullfillment experience onsite. Boost your staff’s productivity during an event with our state-of-the-art POS system. It runs smoothly and delivers peak performance even during overloaded periods, keeping the event on track.

Provide your staff with complete control of the event
Make your events successful with our POS app that offers the staff full control of the event. From managing refunds to handling customers and paying deposits to solving issues that may arise during the event, you can perform several useful functions with this program.
Manage your inventory
with real-time data
Check your event’s inventory at any time with our POS system. It tracks all the transactions happening at the event to keep you updated on the inventory situation. This allows you to understand how many products are left in the stock and whether it needs a refill.
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