Founded in March 2022, Preo is mobile pre-ordering platform for event organizers. It works perfectly with onsite operations and helps organizers sell products online, reduce waste, and evaluate guests’ behavior, all while taking the overall event revenue to a whole new level.

Since its launch, Preo has achieved several milestones, from developing fully-functional products to successfully launching at major events. Preo currently has three products, each catering to the unique needs of guests, organizers, and event staff.

And it’s just the beginning. We’re planning to expand our presence to the European and American markets and become a go-to partner for every event organizer aiming to grow.

About Preo

Preo was built because as vendors and organizers we needed this tool ourself. No one offered a modern, centralized and affordable way of selling products and services while keeping the focus on the onsite operations.

The vision of Preo is to be able to help event organisers increase their sales online while not compromising on the user experience onsite. We believe that every organizer no matter their size should be able to afford their guests an easy way to prepare and make the most of their experiences at your event. The idea behind Preo came to life after the founders all had touched base with the hassles of offering guests product and services at festival across the world. Finding was affordable and that worked with the existing technology stack was almost impossible for event organizers. For this reason we wanted to lower the barrier for getting mobile ordering into events.

Meet the founders
  • Maciek Szczesniak
    Maciek is the technical director at Preo. He taps into his strategic thinking and 20 years of experience to build technical solutions that stand the test of time. Maciek has also worked for over 6 years building innovative mobile ordering systems for festivals in Poland.

    For him, learning about evolving trends in technology is more than a job –it’s a passion.
  • Frederik Jensen

    Frederik is the general manager of finance at Preo. He has been serving the festival industry with his operational expertise for over six years.

    Frederik oversees the financial activities and implements result-oriented strategies to achieve short and long-term goals.

  • Esben Christensen

    Esben is an experienced sales and customer representative with his fingers on the pulse of consumer psychology. He has been designing and selling digital products for the event industry for over 12 years, and it’s safe to say that he knows it all.

    For Esben, generating sales is as much about getting an in-depth understanding of the market as it is about uncovering customer needs. His notable clients include Greencopper, Tradable Bits, Linkfire, Reallife Tech, and more Frederik is the general manager of finance at Preo. He has been serving the festival industry with his operational expertise for over six years.

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