Scanner app for the merchants and staff onsite

Preo provides the operational tools that powers the fullfillment experience onsite. Boost your staff’s productivity during an event with our state-of-the-art Scanner app . It runs smoothly in offline mode and delivers peak performance even during overloaded periods, keeping the event on track.

Provide your staff with complete control of the event
Make your events successful with our POS app that offers the staff full control of the event. From managing refunds to handling customers and paying deposits to solving issues that may arise during the event, you can perform several useful functions with this program.
Manage your inventory
with real-time data
Check your event’s inventory at any time with our POS system. It tracks all the transactions happening at the event to keep you updated on the inventory situation. This allows you to understand how many products are left in the stock and whether it needs a refill.
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